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Man City 2-0 PSG: Riyad Mahrez scores twice to give Man City the first ever Champions League final


Man City 2-0 PSG
(Aggregate 4-1)

R. Mahrez has scored twice in the 11th and 63rd minute to give the Blues a 4-1 aggregate against a stubborn PSG.

Pep had it fugured out as the team hosted the former Champions League finalists already with two away goals at their advantage. However the Blues kept on the momentum to seal the final qualification as the Algerian captain, Mahrez, found the net twice to confirm three goals against PSG in the Champions League Semis.

Neymar’s PSG started without the injury feared Mbappe who was on the bench. Adding to the demotivation was Di’Maria red card with twenty minutes to end the game.

Is Mahrez going to be the Chelsea Drogba of 2012??? Well as it stands, the City team has already a 50% chance of winning yet another trophy on top of the Carabao and Premier League this season but a big one is on the way, the Champions League trophy.

It will be decided tommorow on which team will face City in the final as Chelsea will play the Spanish giants Real Madrid starting off with a 1-1 aggregate.

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