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“Families affected by causeway dam construction to be relocated”, Government.

Svosve, Mashonaland East province, families who were displaced due to the construction of Causeway Dam to be relocated by the government.
The 146 families who were affected by the construction of Causeway Dam have been moved to new areas after getting compensation from the government amounting to 3 million Zimbabwe dollars.
The families thanked the government for honoring its pledge to compensate and resettle them.
“We want to thank the government for having given us compensation to resettle in our new places although part of it was affected by inflation. “We want to thank the government for resettling us close to the dam which did not affect our normal lives and we are close to our family and friends,” they said.
Senator Apolonia Munzverengwi, Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution said the dam, whose commissioning is expected before the end of the year, is set to change the lives of people in the province.
“I am impressed by the progress made so far including the relocation of people affected by the dam construction,” she said.
Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Provincial Manager, Juliet Mavhu said they are happy that the dam contractors complied with the environmental standards.
“As EMA we are happy that the contractors have complied with EIA which include resettling the affected families,” she said.
Causeway dam is at the boundary of Mashonaland East’s Marondera district and Manicaland’s Makoni district along Macheke River.

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